The Scales of War – Arcane Asylum Edition.

A D&D 4e Adventure Path Campaign.

The Elsir Vale has seen its share of hardship and strife throughout its history but things have been relatively quiet – even if not entirely safe – until recently, that is. Brindol, the town where you all find yourself for one reason or another, has seen a growing number goblinoid raiding parties harassing the more distant hamlets and ambushing what had been routine trade caravans. And they are becoming emboldened and encroaching further into the Vale every day. As a result of efforts to protect against these raids, security normally assigned to keep the natural predators that stalk the Vale at bay has had to be pulled back, increasing sightings and encounters with dangerous wildlife as well. Even so, life in the town has carried on mostly as normal, and currently most are in the midst of the annual Wheat-In Festival, celebrating both the seasonal harvest and commemorating the defeat of the hobgoblin army that called itself The Red Hand of Doom some 25 years ago.

But the newest member of the Brindol town council, a no-nonsense young half-elf named Eoffram Troyas, is taking these threats more seriously than most, especially considering the distant rumors of greater trouble brewing further to the west. He has begun to take action, even in the face of opposition from the more entrenched members of the council, and has put out a general call, inviting all who are capable and willing, to aid the Vale and its people in protecting themselves from these dangers. As such, you see a good number of other adventuring types of all races and abilities around town hoping to build a reputation for themselves, or at the very least, to fill their coin purses.

This sets in motion a series of unsettling events that draws the heroes into a conflict beyond anything they or the residents of the Vale could have ever imagined!

Scales of War

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