Malferro Blackmere

Male Human Warlock/Rogue


A handsome, dark-haired, human male, slight of frame, wearing fitted black leather armor, a single dagger at his side. Malferro smiles a little too quickly and laughs a little too easily, except when violently cursing his enemies, but always has a devilish glint in his eye. He seems most comfortable in the shadows. It’s almost as if the shadows are drawn to him, even in broad daylight … surely just a trick of the light.


“I grew up not knowing a mother or a father. The streets of Outlook are a hard home for an orphan and I did what I could to survive and thrive. At a young age, I was taken in by a kindly half-elven couple, Rory and Ruth Teng – proprietors of Belden’s Rest – whom I came to view as parents. May the Lord favor and reward them for all eternity.

“From nothing I built a modest trading business with interests that brought me to Brindol. More valuable than gold were the contacts I made. I have many, many friends, and many different fingers in many different pies. As such, I am very civic minded. Nothing is more important to me than the predictable good order of the city. This humanoid invasion is simply bad for business. Oh, yes, and the tragic loss of life. Most gauche.

“Growing up in poverty, I am given to displays of wealth and affectations of class. Call it overcompensation. Please forgive my one little flaw. And my cologne. Yes, I know it smells of brimstone. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some honest and legitimate business to attend to …”

*All, some or none of the above may or may not be true.

Malferro Blackmere

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