Female Hengeyokai Bard


Sedge never knew her father. Her mother was a traveling bard, so that might have been the reason :) But because Sedge never knew another life, she was ok with it. Her mother did tell her all sorts of stories, including the ones about her father. But Sedge never knew what part of those stories was true, and what was there for the for the beauty of the tale.

Her mother was well known in many big cities they’ve visited, and they were often invited to mayors and local rulers of lands, so Sedge picked a thing or two on how to behave among nobility and established quite a few useful connections. Being a hengeyokai, Sedge learned early in her life to either reveal as little about herself, or too much (preferably a couple of contradicting versions). Her mother taught her the tricks of the trade, and constantly reminded her not to stay in one place for too long. Sedge tried to follow that advice, but from time to time people would start to question her abilities (like seeing at night or understanding the animals). Some thought that she was an elf, others – that she was some supernatural creature.

So now she’s been traveling on her own for a couple of years. Sometimes she hears news of her mother, but mostly she prefers to explore new frontiers. That’s why when she heard the summons, she had no doubt where she was heading next.


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