Noiyo Yammercraw

Absent minded but seemingly intelligent crafter of useful items and enhancements


Standing just over 3 ft, Noiyo Yammercraw is an inquisitive, straight-forward, peculiar sort of fellow. He tells anyone who will listen, "I don’t see it, but most people think I look an awful lot like my pappy, Shaddip Yammercraw, Jr. He’s named after my grandpappy, Shaddip Yammercraw, Sr, although Shaddip wasn’t his real name. It was more a nickname… everyone called him that. They’d say "Hey – Shaddip Yammercraw! And of course, that made things quite confused when he and my pappy was around since then whenever anyone shouted out “Shaddip” (which was quite frequent… they were both quite well-known men around town, from what I hear), they wouldn’t know which they were talking to and then it would always take another 10 minutes to straighten out who was who.

Well, the same happens with me – frequently, people will yell out to me “Hey, Shaddip Yammercraw!” and I’ll have to laugh and correct them and say “No, my pappy and grandpappy were Shaddip… I’m Noiyo.” and they inevitably say “No, Shaddip!” and I’ll say “No, it’s Noiyo. You see, Shaddip is my pappy” and they’ll insist “NO! SHADDIP!!” and I’ll say “No… I’m NOIYO! You’re thinking of my pappy, or maybe my grandpappy, see?” and I’ll try to explain again, and they’ll again enthusiastically say “SHADDIP!!! SHADDIP!!! SHADDIP!!! (I told you, my pappy and grandpappy were really well known)” and this can continue for hours…. funny over such a simple thing….and the strangest part is that it’s usually people I’ve met many times who confuse me with my pappy and grandpappy the most and are the most insistent on calling me Shaddip even though I’ve… Hey, where are you going???"


Noiyo Yammercraw

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