Scales of War

Scales of War - Session 10

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (continued)

The battle between the Arcane Asylum and Eluron Bladewhisper and the mutant two-headed boar was suddenly disrupted by the appearance of two additional combatants. Their appearance seemed to freeze the action as everyone tried to figure out which side the newcomers were there to join. Eluron recognized them from the mercenary camps and the adventurers recognizing The Kacer from their earlier talks. These questions were answered when Gia, the tortured, twitchy hamadryad insisted to the Asylum members that the other slaves needed to be freed as well. Brandis and Polytheris volunteered to go to the slave pens while the rest of the company finished their business in the Foundry.

The battle was quickly rejoined – Eluron disappeared a couple times, but with Abraxus cornering the boar, the rest of the party was able to concentrate their fire on her until she was finally pulled to her death in the chaos/lava river by Sedge. The boar followed a couple of rounds later.

The Kacer’s friends began setting their charges on the Foundry while the party entered the secret door and down the hallway to Sarshan’s tower. Bursting through the door and startling the guards and witch just inside, a frantic melee ensued. The witch flipped a nasty dart trap that took its toll on the party, but Malferro was eventually able to disable it and turn the tide. With the guards and witch defeated, the party found an extraordinary pair of eyeglasses that Abraxus pocketed.

The sounds of a heated argument can be heard through the closed door, and the adventurers must now decide how to proceed through the tower if they want to confront and stop Sarshan and his plans…


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