Scales of War

Scales of War - Session 11

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (continued)

Inside the tower, after killing the guards at the door, you overheard a loud argument between two gnolls (who were apparently guests of Sarshan’s) and two of Sarshan’s henchmen. You heard something about advisors and training… But none of them lived long enough to tell you much more. You made your way up to the second level of the tower to a beautiful shadow garden. Malferro found the shadow beetle and a couple of swarms of shadow insects lurking in the bushes. You all made quick work of Sarshan’s pet, but before the insects were dispatched, you were suddenly surprised by huge numbers of Sarshan’s troops, led by a very transformed shadow-Narsh and his two pet shadow cats.

Sarshan, impressed by your skill in battle and ability to mess up his plans, appeared and offered you the chance to join his army, warning that your world would be a very unpleasant place in the near future, so you might as well be on the winning side… Before you could agree on an answer, a large quake hit the tower and one of Sarshan’s lieutenants rushed in yelling that the Foundry was on fire – The Kacer’s friends had been successful in their sabatoge! Sarshan’s started screaming orders at his troops, finally leaving Narsh and his pets to deal with you while he went to manage the chaos.

Narsh was happy to be given the opportunity to exact his revenge – He blamed the Arcane Asylum for apparently being given over to Sarshan as an unwilling subject for one of Sarshan’s transformative experiments. Abraxus did an excellent job absorbing all the damages and even banishing Narsh to a demiplane for a couple of rounds. Sedge stepped up when he went down, and Mal delivered many daggers worth of pain. The Kacer was also extremely helpful, feeding healing potions to unconscious party members. Finally, after many closes calls, the good guys prevailed, and just in time. The destruction of the Foundry set off a chain reaction with the chaos lava and the entire camp, including the tower began to explode and crumble in around itself. As Brandis and Poly led the slaves back to the portal, you ran to meet them and escaped with approximately 50 former slaves.

Passing back through the portal, you were greeted by a troop of dwarven city guards, who quickly arranged for healers for you and the new refugees… The immediate threat seems to have passed, but Sarshan has escaped. But you can rest for now.


That was one crazy encounter… can’t believe we survived!

Scales of War - Session 11
EZAherron EZAherron

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