Scales of War

Scales of War - Session 12

The Lost Mines of Karak

Now back in Overlook and with what seems like a small respite from any immediate threats, the members of Arcane Asylum have a chance to pursue some individual tasks that require their attention. Sedge tells the group that she and Reniss have been discussing some important business and they are off to track down those leads. Malferro fails to show up at brunch the following Sunday, and in his place sends a ‘trusted friend’ with a fine letter of recommendation – a large half-orc named Kyton. Abraxus and Poly are tasked by Bram Ironfell to help with security around his warehouses since much needs to be cleared of Sarshan’s illicit goods. The Kacer is a bit uneasy being back in the natural world, having been in the Shadowfell for so long. He stays around town assisting with some of the former slaves, having known some or many of them from Umbraforge, but little is seen of him by the other members of the Arcane Asylum. Brandis receives a somewhat disturbing letter from his former mentor, Isabella Grimaldi asking him to make haste back to Brindol to investigate some odd goings on with the items that the hobgoblin Sinruth had stolen, and he does so at his earliest opportunity.

As a party, you also report back to the city officials on all you had learned while in Umbraforge. You tell the Council of the rumors you heard regarding large armies movements through the Shadowfell using portals to different parts of the world. They listen attentively and begin to make plans to ensure the city is fully fortified.

After a week or two, Bram Ironfell calls upon the available members of the Asylum, specifically, Abraxus and Malferro’s friend Kyton. It seems Bram has somehow came across the knowledge of where the Lost mines of the Karak Lode, clan Ironfell’s most valued fortress, is located. Nobody really knows what happened, but the mines are rumored to be filled with riches, that could help the city of Overlook and the entire Elsir Vale to fight in the upcoming war. He also introduces you to two other of his trusted hired hands – an odd little gnome (too appropriately) named Noiyo Yammercraw and a large human barbarian that goes by Kaemer (?). After explaining to you that he would like you to head east and check out what he believes is a possible location of the Karak Lode, you purchase some mounts with the 1000 gold he advanced to you, and head out of town.

Along the road you met a slightly hostile ranger, Meg Blackthorn, who still helped you to get through Thornwaste. You defeated a companh of dwarfs (and a hell hound) from a rival clan of Hammerfist along the way and were right on time to reach the village of Dunsend to kill a large gnoll that the villagers apparently referred to as “The Warden” and its’ pet behir, who were collecting the tribute from the unwilling villagers (one was executed right in front of you). You hope to discover who this brute was working for and find some more nasty creatures to destroy!


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