Scales of War

Scales of War - Session 13

The Lost Mines of Karak (continued)

You began in the village of Dunsend and discovered that the gnoll you killed (he was called ‘The Warden’) was serving Queen Shephitiah. Nobody in the village could tell you anything about the queen herself, but you figured the she probably is the current inhabitant of the mines you are looking for.

Also a young boy (or at least somebody who looks like a young boy) joined your party here – Remington. The villagers looked relieved when you were leaving, and you weren’t sure if it was because your party was leaving or because you took the boy with you… Your new companion offered to lead you through the wastelands to the place where the mines supposedly are.

After leaving Dunsend you encountered a nasty old hag in the wastelands, but she was no match for such skilled party of heroes.

Three days after leaving Dunsen you finally made it to the mines. The front gates seemed closed, so you climbed on the basalt bluff to discover a hole in the floor/ceiling leading you right into the courtyard. There you were attacked by an unfortunate carrion crawler and a pack of even less fortunate harpies…

No sign of treasures yet, but you are finally in the mines, that were famous for it’s riches!


EZAherron EZAherron

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