Scales of War

Scales of War - Session 14

The Lost Mines of Karak (continued)

After chasing off the harpies, the party decided to doubleback a bit and explore the gate houses at the front of the fortress to ensure they weren’t surprised from behind. Quietly making your way through the stone hallways, you stumbled upon some odoriferous troglodytes in the undermanned guard towers. They didn’t expect you coming from inside the fortress, and the strawmen they had set up to disguise their lack of numbers didn’t help them once you were inside. It seemed it would be a fairly quick, simple fight, even after the arrival of their reinforcements in the form of a shaman and some spear wielding warriors , but apparently the stench they emitted distracted everyone more than expected. Eventually, however, your superior skills and training prevailed, and the troglodytes were put down.

You began exploring the rooms upstairs, but only found two symmetrical hallways blocked by portcullis. Back on the ground level you found what used to be a stable, and where the bahir that you defeated back in Dunsand used to spend it’s free time (when not terrorizing villages nearby). In the piles of garbage you found 2 dwarven statues, 250 gold and 2 potions of healing. You also found the room where the gnoll used to live, although there were no valuables there. Oh, and you also discovered the storage area that was used recently…

Finally, you went to explore the east wing of the fortress and stumbled upon a human that didn’t look very friendly…


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